Zucchini blossoms

This seems like such a good idea. It certainly is lovely. But in the end it’s just ok. I’m not at all sure it was worth the work. A weeks worth of gathering blossoms…blossoms which seem so delicate and fragile, hold up pretty well. I picked them every day for days leading up to the dinner (so I won’t be getting so much of the damn zucchini if I can help it) and they stay perfectly fresh in damp paper towel in a bag. One of them lasted for 8 days. I stuffed these with goat cheese and cream cheese. The chimichurri, not at all what one expects to eat with them, makes a difference. Later I fried sage leaves, they were good too. But ultimately, deep frying (for which I bought a new deep fryer…now that I live in a house with a yard I can deep fry outside. Even then it stinks up the house) is such a rigmarole. And I love rigmarole but not smelly greasy rigmarole so much. 

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