Fried cabbage and dumplings. My mother made this when I was a kid and it was called zellevaslesia. Or something like that. She and my uncle loved it and it was a regular topic of conversation, spoken of reverently, with great affection. It is something their Slovakian grandmother made.

I had an end of a cabbage in my crisper drawer and it took up too much space so I decided to fry it. I sorta forgot about it and it browned way more than I’d imagined. In fact it was at the point of burning and I had an open jar of pepperoncini sitting there and I tossed some juice into the pan to keep it from burning further. This sounds bizarre but A. I like anything pickled, well, not kimchi, B. I like pickled red cabbage and could easily eat an entire jar and C. Basically, I’ll eat anything. 

This was delicious. I mean, makes my mouth water thinking about it. So I thought I’d look up a recipe and make the real thing. Yeah, no. No one has ever heard of this.

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