Yotam Ottolenghi

That’s a name. He’s an Israeli chef and cookbook writer. (He’s also gay and has a Palestinian boyfriend) So, Easter. Gay Israeli with Palestinian BF seemed like a natural. I’ve made it before, albeit in a much smaller quantity. Chicken and potatoes with pomegranate molasses. Add onions and prunes. Cover and roast for 2.5 hours.

Yeah, the potatoes were rock hard. In the end I had to roast the potatoes and the chicken separately with the oven on convect. The chicken turned out beautifully and the potatoes turned orange because of the molasses. But it all worked out. It was delicious. Or at least no one complained.

The recipe is here and basically it’s very easy. I used all chicken thighs, Yotam likes the leg and thigh, and since pomegranate molasses is very sour I added a couple of TBs of my sister’s honey.

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