Yes, of course he was

As I imagined, the chair-dancing, manically laughing guy in the business class lounge was of course sitting next to me on the airplane in actual business class. This was not so much a problem as you’re really not exactly sitting next to anyone there. You’re essentially in your own little uncomfortable world. Granted it is more comfortable than, say, economy class but it is not a king sized bed with an eider down comforter either.

So he waltzes (actually he practically moonwalked in) in and puts his magazines in the magazine holder—there are special magazine holders in business class (of course, tooth sucking noise). His magazines were GQ and Mannschaft. Now, I realize I do not speak Norwegian but I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to assume that this probably translates to “man shaft” and that this is most likely not a mining trade publication dealing with vertical tunnels into the earth. As it turns out mannschaft means “team.”

So… a sports magazine? Nope. LGBT. I wasn’t so far off.

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