Yeah, so tuna melt

I had the damn loaf of bread and next up on the list of “grilled,” OK, fried sandwiches with which I’d planned to “experiment” was the tuna melt. I had to get to that before I just ate the entire loaf of bread and believe me there were plenty of other things, like buttered toast—ooh mama—and plain ol’ open faced peanut butter toast, as we called it, I’d wolfed down.

I caught an episode of the NYT video blogger Vaughn Vreeland making grilled cheese and was inspired to try the grilled cheese again but I had to do the tuna melt first as I’d made a commitment to Wendi. I have to admit that he, Vaughn Vreeland, makes me so jealous. He’s young and pretty and glib (and gay) and gets to spend days making food on camera and being funny about it (you can watch him here). I hate him. Anyway, he literally showed the Julia Moskin recipe for grilled cheese and you can see that she writes (and he concurs) that you must use mayonnaise instead of butter on the exterior of the bread but she also writes in capital letters DO NOT USE HOME MADE MAYONNAISE without explanation. So I guess i screwed that pooch. Anyhoo, this time I had store-bought mayo and used it to coat the bread before frying.

I was supposed to use shredded cheese but I used slices and I can see why that makes a difference. This was ok—the cheese was a little sloggy, whatever that means—I certainly won’t make it for Wendi. And, anyway, tuna salad is actually better on Triscuits.

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