Why can’t cake be square?

I don’t understand why we have mostly round cakes. A square cake is just easier to cut. I have a jillion round cake pans and this one adjustable square or rectangular cake pan. I wanted 2 small cakes and I have small round pans but their sides are deeply slanted and this presents a problem when you are frosting the damn thing. And frosting the cake is my least enjoyed task of the entire cake-making process. Well, that’s not exactly true, cleaning up is worse, I suppose. You should have seen my kitchen. Nightmare.

So the square cake seemed the best route. I was making another white cake because I had 6 egg whites left over from my carton of eggs disaster last week. This time I added lemon. It seems simple to accomplish but one never knows what ingredient is going to take the whole business off into an undesirable direction and you end up with a cake that tastes like an air freshener or a dryer sheet rather than that lemon dream you were anticipating.

In any case I ended up with a square cakes but no square plates to put them on. See? This may be the reason cakes are round after all. There are no square plates. Which then begs the question, why can’t plates be square? It’s a chicken/egg situation.

I don’t know how these tasted because I took one to my niece and nephew (who was at the Birkebeiner, god only knows why) and they would be too polite to tell me they couldn’t eat it but they’re leaving it in the toilet to freshen things up in there. I’m taking the other to work. Maybe I’ll put it in the ladies’ room.

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