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The stove (cooktop), as regards this blog anyway, is where the action is and I have hated the damn thing (left) since the first time I tried to clean it. IMPOSSIBLE. All the hardware has to be removed, the knobs and grates make it impossible to clean. And even when they’re gone you have to wipe around the burners (if you’re ever needing to get a new stove don’t buy a KitchenAid glass topped gas stove unless you plan on never cooking on it). Add to that the cracked glass top that I didn’t see for months after it had been installed but the real reason is that gas is not sustainable. Sorry. It’s not ecological. I won’t go on about it.

I got an induction cooktop to replace it. Yes, expensive but OH MY GOD it’s so cool and easy to clean. Water boils in less than 20 seconds. And it’s electric. Sustainable. And did I mention cool? I mean Super-cool and easy to clean. What could be cooler?

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  1. We have found them in nearly every place we’ve stayed in Europe for years. So, why are we still cooking with gas guzzlers on complicated-to-clean stovetops????
    That’ll be my next stovetop.
    Thanks for bringing them to your blogger’s attention.

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