When your sister hands you lemons

I chose to make a lemon cake to take to my nephew on Sunday because my sister gave me a bag of lemons. My own lemon tree is in blossom but it will be a while before the harvest.

This particular cake recipe uses lemon curd between the layers and so I had to make lemon curd. This was a new one on me. Zesting 6 lemons is not nearly as enjoyable as it sounds. And I need a new Microplane apparently. Also juicing them is no trip to the park either. What a mess. Lemon curd requires 6 egg yolks and the particular cake I was making required 5 whites so, you know, close enough. I don’t know what else one does with lemon curd, I mean, it’s not a USofA staple or anything, but it is super delicious. 

I hope my niece and nephew like it. It’s their 6th anniversary. I looked back at my blog to see what I’d had to say about it then but surprisingly there is really only a brief mention of it. I was the officiant and it was huge for me and my family. But maybe because I wasn’t making the food for the event there was not much for me to remark on (I’d happily have done that—although remembering that day I’m seriously happy I didn’t it was like 100 degrees and the whole deal was outside. I’d have had a freaking nervous breakdown, of course I would). Now that I’m feeding them nearly every week they get a fair amount of mentions.

I used a lemon blossom cluster as the cake decoration to distract from the uneven layers inside. 

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