When life hands you peaches

My sister, bless her heart, got me some Georgia peaches but enough for like 27 people and while I love them I just couldn’t eat them all and at some point they were getting WAAAAY too ripe. One of the few things I know about baking pies is that you’re not supposed to make pies out of ripe fruit because the fruit is too watery and possibly some other reasons, I don’t know, whatever. 

Making an attempt to correct for too much liquid I cooked a slurry made from the juice that the peaches gave up during their overnight soak in sugar, and tapioca flour. (there is remarkably little information about using tapioca flour in this way on the internet where you can find thousands of pages of information about nearly anything, but not tapioca).

It turns out that tapioca flour makes a Ghostbusters-like slime that was really not that nice to look at. Or even deal with. It was not like anything I know anyway. I went with it since, well, at this point I didn’t seem to have many options. Plus, I knew my guests would eat it and not complain (to my face). I also knew it wasn’t going to kill them. 

And it turned out just fine. Good even. I may have used too little sugar but texture-wise it was perfect. And no one complained. That I am aware of.

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