What some people feed their dogs

My uncle got a puppy when he was almost 80 and proceeded to spoil the hell out of her. When he and my aunt went on vacation I got Tootsie for a weekend or so, my aunt gave me kibble and a can of some sloppy fancy dog food with instructions to heat the sloppy stuff up and mix it in with the kibble. As if.

I fed her the kibble without the sloppy smelly stuff and she ate it without complaint.

Eventually Tootsie was mine and for a year she ate nothing but kibble. Then, because I worked and it was impossible in my condo, she slowly transitioned to a friend’s home where there were children and people there 24/7. My friend stopped over with Tootsie (who is now 10) last week. Tootsie hadn’t eaten. She’d brought the fixin’s and I was asked to sauté it up.

Apparently Tootsie’s really upped her game.

Spoiled sassy thing.

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