What a palaver

I was going to make a pavlova (if you don’t know what that isclick here) for a now-former friend (who cancelled last minute, OK, the day before, nonetheless, adios) and I defrosted all the egg whites in my freezer leftover from key lime pies. I wasn’t really sure how many egg whites to use and probably should have checked before I defrosted 2 jars of them. The recipe calls for 4. I had 16.

The process of making a meringue is pretty straightforward. Whip room temperature egg whites until they’re glossy, add sugar and vanilla and bake at a low temperature for 2 hours or some damn thing.

What you should not do is use honey instead of sugar. I made 3 batches. One brown sugar, one white sugar and one honey (my sister’s honey). The one made with honey never dried out. Even after 4 hours they were a sticky mess. I tossed them.

I still have 4,000 meringue cookies. Who eats those?

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