Welp, this wasn’t what I’d planned

So I was forced to purchase an InstaPot, mounted police can be intimidating. It’s an electric pressure cooker with loads of options and settings. I am not good with reading manuals. I just push the likely buttons.

So I had chicken and a fennel bulb. I thought I’d make a nice stew. I’m not so familiar with fennel, although I like fennel seed, I don’t often cook with it (and to me, raw fennel tastes like wet dog). But I read that cooked fennel gets very mild tasting. And it does, as it turns out. It wasn’t just mild. It was utterly benign, to use a prettier word than nothing-at-all. The consistency of pablum and the taste of, well, pablum.  Pressure cooking vegetables may not be my best bet.

I had my blender out making broccoli soup so I thought, well, I cannot imagine what I thought. Blending chicken with pablum? I got pablum. Gruel. Please-sir-may-I-have-some-more-Oliver-Twist gruel.

I ate it. I’ll eat anything. But not anchovies.

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