Well that was a disappointment

Next time I plan a vacation I am going to attempt to not do it in the middle of the harvest season. I had been watching the cantaloupes in a race against time hoping I’d get to taste at least one. And then just before I was ready to go, one ripened. It was just a small one, good enough for a breakfast. I picked it and put it in the refrigerator over night so it would be crisp and cold in the morning.

Gaack!! It tasted awful. More like a cucumber than a melon, and a bitter one at that. OK, it was the first one, maybe they would sweeten up but I was leaving the next day for vacation. I told the people staying in my house to eat all my produce which they happily did. Except for the melons. She told me they tasted terrible. I don’t remember where I got this but next year, I’m growing my own. Oh, I have plans…

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