Well Diwali’s come and gone

Oh, the hoopla, feasts, joyous dancing and jubilant celebrations were, well, nonexistent for the most part. We did have a meal and I put up some less than exuberant decorations which were met with an “oh, mm hm” from Husoor.

If, like me, you are Hindu you’ll know that Diwali is the biggest Hindu holiday of the year. OK, so I am only Hindu by virtue of my marriage. It still counts. And besides, Hindus don’t care. There are so many varieties of them I doubt you could put a number to ’em. Wikipedia states “Hindu denominations are fuzzy.” I like fuzz. Particularly in my denominations.

But I did get an awesome Indian meal out of it. He made samosas, paneer biryani, some sort of cashew chicken thing, naan (handmade) and for dessert, carrot halwah. I made the raita which of course was the star of the show, as per usual.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to make a puja.

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