Wednesday’s slop

This is turkey thigh in a little mesh roastalizer. It’s a clever idea but I don’t know why they take the skin off. It seems to me a roast needs that to keep it moist. On the other hand a turkey thigh is pretty moist. Whatever. For my needs I wanted chunks. Slop needs chunks or at least ground something or other. This slop was supposed to taste like Thanksgiving.

I cut the turkey into chunks, browned it, added onions and herbs. Poultry seasoning, essentially but more sage. Later I added carrots which aren’t technically a Thanksgiving turkey vegetable, but they can’t really destroy the taste. It’s not like I’m adding pineapple. Anyway, much later on I added celery. Can’t add that too early or it will disintegrate. No water or anything. Just salt and pepper.

I watched a Harry Potter movie. The Prisoner of Azkabam or something. It was awful. The slop was pretty good. Not exactly thanksgiving but better than that movie. I tell you what.

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