Wax worms eat plastic

Halleluja I thought when I read that these worms eat plastic. This article suggests that there might be a solution for the plastic problem we have. But after some quick searching I found this tidbit on the Nation Geographic site.

When they placed the worms on polyethylene plastic, they found that each worm created an average of 2.2 holes per hour. Overnight, 100 wax worms degraded 92 milligrams of a plastic shopping bag. At this rate, it would take these same 100 worms nearly a month to completely break down an average, 5.5 gram plastic bag.

The other issue, I assume, is that if we have billions of wax worms eating plastic, won’t at least a portion of them start to eat beeswax which is what they normally eat? Will there be no bee hives anymore?

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