Waiting in line for pizza

It’s a thing in Naples. And assuming I could have gotten near any of these places I’d have tried them to see what makes them so special. The first two sell fried pizza—pizza fritta—which is appears to be just a pizza folded over and deep fried. The restaurant we went to last night had fried pizza on their menu. Pizza with ceiling it said. In French it was called Pizza avec plafond—pizza with ceiling. What it meant was sealed pizza. It didn’t look so great to me and in fact the pizza I had was not so great. Although it did not have ceiling.

The last 2 pix are a place my sister told me to go to. We risked our lives getting there in a taxi only to turn around and walk home when we saw the line—not standing in line for pizza—or goddamn getting in a taxi again if I can help it.

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  1. Funny. The worst pizza I ever had was in Ventimiglia about 30 years ago — it had hot dog slices on it. Everyone else’s food was great. We still laugh about it.

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