Various German foodstuffs

I left Berlin today. Currently in some strange small town in the French countryside near the CDG airport but I am taking a moment to reflect on our various German meals. Mostly we at Asian, Indian or Italian food. There is more of than sort of thing that German. They may eat like this at home but when they go out, it’s not for German food.

Macaroni and cheese with caramelized onions and senf, mustard. Doner, while Middle Eastern in origin is quintessentially German. Like curry wurst.

Roast beef in horse radish sauce. Wiener with lentils and fried spätzle. On the menu the wiener sounded exotic.

Rhinderfleischgulash mit spätzle. Some sausage or other and fries. Side of grated horseradish.

Last meal. Schweinshaxespanferkel, fried dumplings (too dry) and sauerkraut with orange, coulda lived without the orange. Schnitzel with cold potato and cucumber salad, good, if weird.

Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland, wir sehen uns wieder.

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    1. I don’t think much. We walked constantly averaging about 6 miles. And usually only ate dinner. Plus there was a long spate where it went right through me like Sherman’s march to the sea, if you catch my drift.

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