Unseasonal foodstuffs

Really I should have been making a light spring vegetal pasta but it was cold and I was feeling the need for comfort. Meatballs are just the best at comforting, at least mine are, right up there with teddy bears, baby ducks and comforters. Mine need to be made the day before and rest in the sauce overnight. I hadn’t looked at the weather but the next day was like summer where meatballs are just out of place. Tough luck. It was a lovely summer-like day and I’d made meatballs, lasagna and even baked bread. A winter meal. But, Christ, it was the least of my worries.

Anyway, I didn’t eat it, I took it to my nephew’s, left it all, and then went to eat at my sister’s. She’d made something more appropriately springlike. Spinach and ricotta stuffed chicken breasts. They were amazing.

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