Unpublished post 23: High concept, low work

I have 41 unpublished drafts on my blog posting list. So I’ve decided to fill in some empty spaces during then during this boring month when I am not eating or drinking. (sad face emoji)

My friend Jodie made this appetizer a couple weeks ago. Roasted cherry tomatoes with burrata nestled into it served with toasts to put it on. It is soooo easy and yet looks and tastes like a million bucks.

Toss some cherry tomatoes with olive oil, basil garlic and salt, and roast them at high heat for 15 minutes. (I roasted them on parchment so there was no clean up.) Then I slopped the stuff into a nice bowl, let it cool to room temperature and then put the burrata into it. The combination of the two spread on toast was sublime. It could have been dinner. But it was French class after all and one must stand on tradition. Excusez moi.

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