Unpublished post 20: Berlin, die stade

I have 44 unpublished drafts on my blog posting list. So I’ve decided to fill in some empty spaces during then during this boring month when I am not eating or drinking. (sad face emoji)

Out and about in Berlin. Shockingly, the sun is shining in every one of these shots. My memory of Berlin is constant rain.

I have no idea what this is…but I like it.

The Berlin train station. Waaaay cooler than their airport.

Bundestag. The buildings of government. You can just walk right in.

New and Old. Neu und alt.


This is a small street near the Tiergarten and it is about 90% new. 

They saved this bit of the old and left the bullet holes from the war. They appear to be the old dead vine on the wall but in fact that is bullet holes. Then they just built the new part around it.

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  1. In a small traveler kind of way, these notes are very interesting, especially about the bullet holes and building around them… J.

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