Unpublished post 12: TMI

“For instance, on a per-kilogram basis, beef is associated with more than twice the carbon emissions of pork, nearly three times that of turkey and almost four times that of chicken, according to the Environmental Working Group.” Friday’s New York Times

I wish I didn’t have to think about this. On the one hand I don’t eat a lot of beef and when I do I make it organic blah blah blah. But this isn’t about organic it doesn’t seem to me. What I’d like here are guidelines. How often can I eat beef? What’s good? Once a week? Once a month? If I don’t eat any meat for 3 days can I eat beef the other days? What about cheese? Isn’t there a carbon footprint for that? 

I’m relatively good at following rules. I need some. I’d also like to figure out my carbon footprint. I don’t have children. That counts for something. Can I eat their share of red meat? Or can I have a quarter of it? I’d be fine with that.

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