Unpublished post 11: Holiday smoke and mirrors

In the absence of anything scintillating to write about in a month filled with cabbage and chicken breasts, I’m going to publish a few of the drafts that never have been posted.

I made a lot of these for various events this holiday season. Baked brie. So ridiculously easy. A wheel of brie. Purchased puff pastry. Dijon mustard and chutney or canned peas, whatever. The last one I made before I began my month of penance exploded and was pretty messy but it was still delicious. I used fig jam, though, maybe that was the problem. Although anything works—except anchovies.

I highly recommend them. Easy, as I said, delicious and impressive. Everyone will think you’re real gourmet-like. Unless the thing explodes and then people will just think you’re incompetent. But I’m accustomed to that.

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