Turn your back on squash for a minute

And then this happens.

When I was in grade school we got irradiated pumpkin seeds and thought we were going to get gigantical pumpkins. Turns out you just need to not pay attention to them for a half second. Like the watched pot.

I don’t even like zucchini.

4 Replies to “Turn your back on squash for a minute”

  1. I love zucchini and can’t get enough of it. I am always looking for zucchini gardeners during harvest season. 😉

  2. So did we get any pumpkins? I only like zucchini shredded and baked with oil, sugar, flour and spices. I made patty pan squash from the farmer’s market last night and it was icky. The ones I grew last year, that somehow the squash beetles ignored, were delicious. Squash beetles are evil.

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