There are not many people who have one. Then again, there aren’t that many people who’d want to actually cook a turbot. Ashish, however has a turbotiere but that doesn’t mean he will ever cook one. Should the spirit move him though, he is ready. You can see though, that he would need to be feeding quite a few people. I wear a size 11 shoe. I put one in the pic for size reference.

If the occasion were to arise, and he was cooking a turbot for 20, naturally he’d need to make the rest of the meal and for that he would have all the proper cookware. There is not one type of copper pot he does not have. It appears to me that since my last visit his pots and pans have bred.

I fell asleep trying to count them.

By the way, it will not fit in his oven.

2 Replies to “Turbotiere”

  1. Who is Ashish? A collector, a shop?
    Hans Grieder
    p.s. if someone wants a turbotiere
    Mauviel in Bretagne/France does still produce them

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