Tuesday’s slop

Tuesday night’s slop. I thought I’d make something bolognese which is to say, using bolognese seasonings (as envisioned by Cook’s Illustrated and loved by me) but using chicken instead of beef. Thus chicken with carrots, celery, sage. And I threw in a chicken liver for flavor that I later took out and ate. In hindsight I should have just chopped it up. Anyway, after an hour of simmering I tasted it and it was like Jesus, what the hell is this awful stuff. I didn’t even know what to think. It was an unholy flavor that I was completely unable to comprehend.

After about 3 minutes of staring (uncomprehendingly) at it,  I checked the tomato sauce. No salt. Blech. I have no idea how this came to live in my pantry. What a world to have to live in.

The unsalted tomato sauce’s expiration date, very precisely says 08 Mar 2014. Whatever. It was DOA to me anyway.

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