Top ten best meals

My nascent food group had its second meeting and it was spectacular. Starting with the trio of fruit salsas (my favorite was grapes, cucumber, green pepper and mint), followed by a stunning white gazpacho. The main course was twice cooked chicken with a sweet/hot relish, an Ottolenghi recipe that is apparently as complicated as it was delicious. The main course was accompanied by the very astounding roasted sweet potatoes and fresh figs, another Ottolenghi recipe. (Sharon clearly has a thing for him). I made a bean and tomato pasta with garlic, olives and sage. It was good but it didn’t really match the rest of the meal. The finish was a stupendous peach pie made with a buttermilk crust and served with bourbon caramel sauce that I would have been comfortable eating with spoon and not sharing with anyone.

The takeaway here is that I’m really going to have to up my game if I want everyone to say, “Oh, yours is the best!!” Which of course I do. Everything is a contest.

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