Top 5 reasons to go to Berlin

These dumplings. I cannot say I am an expert in dumplings. I almost never have them. I am not even sure where I can get good ones in Milwaukee. I have never had what I thought was a good one—even at places with supposedly good ones.

But in Berlin, Peking Ente, Jesus, these are fantastic. (Note adept chopstick usage.)

2 Replies to “Top 5 reasons to go to Berlin”

  1. So five dumplings are the top 5 reasons to go to Berlin or did I miss something? Like four other reasons?
    I agree that the chopsticks are artful and adeptly placed.. Not to mention that the words “chopsticks” and “adept” rarely show up In the same sentence. Or at the same table. Keep the top reasons coming, please.

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