Tomatillo lime jam or possibly soup

When I googled recipes for tomatillos I came up with alotta salsa. Yeah, there is only so much salsa I can eat and I have a lot of tomatillos. I mean A LOT OF TOMATILLOS. I’m not sure what made me taste a raw one but they reminded me of green apples so I thought there must be other things one can do with these. 

A more precise “tomatillo pie” search brought up not much but I ran across a jam recipe on the website of Pati Jinich a Mexican TV cook. It’s tomatillo-lime jam. It’s tastes delicious but it does not jell. She called for a cup of water and I used less than half that. It’s still runny. So after going through all the bother of processing them and seeing they were still like soup,  I unpacked them and reprocessed them with added pectin. Yeah, no. That did not work so I did it again with more pectin. Gah! Still didn’t jell. It’s a nice sauce, and the flavor is utterly not like anything you know. I wanted it to use with cheese and crackers. I’ll figure something out. I’ve gotta. The taste of this is worth it. And, I’ve got 40 billion tomatillos so that’s good. Still working on my concepts.

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