Throwback Thursday

Husoor sent me an article from the Washington Post (which seems to be imploding much to my chagrin). The article was about driving in Europe rather than depending on trains, since rail travel depends on workers and workers like to strike when tourists are in season so that they get some extra bang for their buck, angry tourists. I don’t know if I agree with that, it’s just what the article says. Which is not to say I haven’t fallen victim to a strike or 12 in my travels.

The route of the trip in the article closely resembles a driving trip Husoor and I took ten years ago. Time flies. (See travel article here, if you can.)


Dinant is a city in southern Belgium. The upper photo is from the WaPo (This is groovy-speak for Washington Post) article. Below is one I took when we’d driven from Ghent, Gent or Gand, they are all correct, on our way to Reims.

The picture is all well and good but there is nothing behind the pretty facade of the street facing the river Meuse. Although, here’s an interesting fact: Dinant is the birthplace of Alfred Saxe inventor of the saxophone. And while this fact is fascinating what immediately came to mind when I saw the picture in the WaPo was, well, the horrible lunch I had there.

Couscous, dry as cotton balls, with merguez and that hideous vegetable misery. I have always hated Campbell’s vegetarian soup and this was an extraordinarily bad imitation of it.

The post from back in the day is here. Ten years ago. (This is the throwback part.)

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  1. I laughed out loud. Twice. That there was nothing behind the coast-hugging buildings of Dinant and the awful soup. Thanks. Your photo is excellent. As was your 10 year-old post.

    Did you like Campbell’s Alphabet soup as a kid?
    I wonder if they still make it. Could become a party ice-breaker…making up words. And adding some parm, dill sprigs, crème fraiche. Mmmm—
    Well, never mind. It wouldn’t be that good. And the words would probably be wimpy.

    1. I never ever liked vegetarian vegetable soup. The smell makes me nauseous. They still make it and it still smells the same. My mother loved it and I used to get it for her.

  2. What about the little sausages that appear to be lying on the table? Im sorry to hear that soup was miserable. It looks delicious, like a sweet and sour borscht Mk used to make.

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