This year’s tomato sauce

Well, it’s all over but the crying. This was a lousy year for tomatoes. But, it turns out, a great one for tomato sauce. The meaty, mealy big tomatoes were great for sauce. Even though I vowed never to make sauce again I was persuaded to do so because I needed to somehow distract myself from the emotional upheaval caused by the disappointment of the dismal tomato season. OK, I’m overstating a bit. I like all the fussy busy work. I removed the skins which is a simple thing unless you, like I, foolishly roasted them first. Removing the skins from a roasted tomato is not as much fun as you might imagine.

The sauce I ended up with is glossy and red/brown and tastes luscious. Now I will have to very thoughtfully decide what to use it for. Like I wouldn’t use it to make chili.

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