Things you do when your husband isn’t there

So he can’t roll his eyes or say things under his breath which you know are not nice and/or flattering.

I saw this dealio on Instagram, and like most things on Instagram it looked easy and delicious. Most other things there look easy and dangerous, or stupid. Note to self: Do not stand on 8 stacked buckets to fix a light with an acetylene torch while drinking a martini.

Anyhoo, I got sucked in by this one. Seemed easy enough, peel several tangerines, freeze the individual segments and then throw them into a food processor. Boom! Delicious . . . sherbet? Sorbet? Ice cream? Well, no, none of the above. It was sour and flavorless. Maybe the tangerines were at fault, the consistency was right. So I added, to begin with, a couple of TBS of honey. Theoretically this should work except that honey doesn’t do very well in sub-freezing temperatures. It was goodish once I’d processed the congealed frozen clumps of honey out of it but it was still flavorless. So I added salt, vanilla and coconut essence.

It was delicious!!! And, as an added bonus, it did not freeze into a solid block. I should post this as an Insta Reel. I’ll do that when he’s gone as well.

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  1. Damien eats a bag of those a day, and I’m not actually kidding.
    He would not touch that, however, because he has neophobia in relation to food. I’ll bet if you put that on ice cream, it would be like a dreamsicle.

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