These dismal things

I had a half of a can of pumpkin left over after I made the Thanksgiving cheesecake and could not bear to throw it away so I looked up pumpkin cookie recipes. The New York Times coughed this one up and I bit. The recipe called for half of a can so I was all in. The reviews were glowing or least that was my impression. They were easy enough to make but the results were less than subpar.

I’d blame the spices, mine may be a little long in the tooth, but I’d used the same ones for the cheesecake and that was stellar.

The bad news regarding the stupid cookies is that I cannot just throw them away, nor can I give them to people. I mean, I could give them to people I don’t like but then they’d think I was a bad baker. I can’t have that. I ate them.

Pumpkin cookies, not recommended, recipe here. Pumpkin cheesecake pie, highly recommended, recipe here.

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