Theoretically this should have been delicious

And it was good but not the flavor-bomb I was expecting. I love olive nut spread (dip?). It’s a family favorite and when my sister sent me this link I was enthusiastic. (Well, sorta, I was sick at the time but it registered with me anyway.)

Olive Walnut pasta (recipe here). I had farfalle, olives and walnuts, so, OK, go. I was just recovering from whatever the hell was trying to kill me and this seemed pretty easy. And it was.

The recipe called for castlevetrano olives (I mean, really?? And they were supposed to be “torn” instead of cut, can we be any more precious?). I only had the kind of olives you put in martinis but I like the flavor of them better than castlevetrano olives which, to me, have almost no flavor at all. The recipe also called for garlic and lemon zest. I did not use them. In my lexicon lemon and garlic have no place in olive nut, as we call it.

This is vegan but, I dunno, I think it would have been better with cream cheese. I will have to work on that, removing it from the vegan realm notwithstanding.

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