Theoretically this is not slop

Although there are probably not all that many theories about the nature of slop as, say, the nature of God. I, personally, do have many criteria, rules, proscriptions, concepts and guidelines not to mention recipes (in an abstract sort of way). One is that it cannot be too carefully thought out. And another is that pasta cannot be included.

This meal was supposed to be a simple can of tomatoes and pasta. Just writing that makes my mouth water (I had initially typed “me mouth” which sounds a little more pirate-y than I tend to be). But I got sidetracked when I realized I had feta cheese in my refrigerator. And immediately I jumped into my no emissions car and drove to the Greek store to buy my favorite olives (too much “thinking it out” for the MOP). Of course there had to be onion and green pepper which are allowable under the dicta of the 2009 Month of Pain Accord.

In the end I added capers (allowable; sec. 4, article 29a Great Compromise of 2010 MOP). Pasta was OK since it was cooked in the same pot and at the same time as the tomatoes and I did not consume a half bottle of pinot. Just kidding, I would never drink pinot. But there has been no wine of any sort either. The slop was OK. Not great, certainly not as delicious as I was expecting. Maybe smaller pasta would be better—or something more soup-like. I’m working on that.

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