The wild life

One thing that did not figure much into the vision I had of my garden is wildlife. I mean, sure, an occasional bird, possibly a rabbit. Since I put up a bird feeder there are a lot of birds, although mostly just sparrows who, while they have happy chirpy voices, are pretty drab, I was anticipating indigo buntings, pelicans, emus and maybe cormorants. So for variety I put out finch food and got a few goldfinches, and sunflower seeds to attract cardinals and I got a lovely couple, The Cardashians I believe they are called. But this also attracts squirrels (in droves), and there are about 50 sunflowers growing in my yard now. There is a rabbit, possibly more, they all look the same to me. On a smaller scale there are probably mice and voles. And moving down the physical scale there are worms, of course, caterpillars and butterflies, flies and, fer chrissake, fruit flies. And then there are tiny worms. In my radishes. The mind reels.

Wildlife indeed. Something ate my grapes, eats the unripe strawberries, the cucumber leaves and broke off the raspberry bush. This does not happen at Pick N Save.

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