The ultimate Thanksgiving leftover meal

So there was leftover turkey, turkey stock and mashed potatoes from the “left over” Thanksgiving red-do. You might think that I’d get sick of revisiting that food but really, I don’t. This time though, the very end of this year’s festivities would be my high concept “vichyssoise with mushrooms and turkey, and stuffing dumplings.”

Vichyssoise, for all its high falutin’ fanciness is just potato leek soup. My intention was to up the ante with mushrooms and turkey. I don’t know why that addition would up the ante but, like I said, it was a concept. Mushrooms are a part of Thanksgiving in green bean casserole but, I dunno, this seemed like a good idea. Leeks are not, in my world anyway. But they are a part of vichyssoise. Adding the mushrooms and turkey takes it out of the realm of vichyssoise, I suppose, but who cares? I don’t although I know a certain nit-picking food agent of the law who will.

The vichyssoise potato and leeks needed a whirl in a blender after which I added the mushrooms and turkey. The stuffing for the dumplings had to be remade since I’d eaten all of that, of course. They were to be reminiscent of my recent semmelknodlen meal which was sublime. For more on that topic see here.

So far so good. I made the dumplings and put them into gently simmering water for 20 minutes. Lifting the lid I found this disaster.

While this may be unappetizing, OK, is totally unappetizing, I strained it, found one dumpling and put the rest in a ramekin and plopped that in the oven. It was not exactly my finest work but it, the baked slop, was edible maybe even good in a mushy sorta way.

When I say ultimate I mean the last not the last word in fine Thanksgiving leftover meals. This was not that. It was good but, meh. I preferred the slop in the ramekin. I am a fool for stuffing. What can I say? And I’m going to work on this stuffing dumpling idea. I think it could work. For more on that tune in next Thanksgiving.

There Ann, are you happy now?

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