The Turkish store

We traipsed over to some other neighborhood in Oslo that seemed to be considerably less Norwegian than I am familiar with, to go grocery shopping at the Turkish store. We took the T Bane and I am happy to report that if needs be, I could do this myself and find the store (tooth sucking emoji). This is my idea of a fun outing. The Turkish store, is a quick 10 minutes from the digs of the Royal Indian Mounted Food Control Police. The neighborhood is otherworldly and the place itself is filled with all sorts of wildly unfamiliar food items from produce and canned goods, to deli food, household cleaners and bakery. Sort of like a very tightly cramped supermarket but not one in any American neighborhood.

Maybe because of the tremendous variety of this store, or more likely because is really cheap compared to other Norwegian grocery stores (an avocado is 90 cents here compared to $2.50 at Jacob’s where I know the butcher) it was completely jam packed with people and the check out lines were gargantuan. 

Visiting the place was interesting, checking out, a little less so. I didn’t do that part, the RIMFCP did. I sat on a bag of something flour-like and watched the melee.

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