The struggle continues

Squirrels have taken to eating tomatoes, something I didn’t realize they did. Fortunately there are enough of them, more than I can possibly eat, I find myself considering making sauce, not something I really care to do at the moment but I cannot eat them all and while the squirrels are working at it, they seem unequal to the task as well.

And while I may not get the last tomato, I got the last laugh (for now). The squirrel has figured out how to jump from one bird feeder to the other. There are 2 feeder poles, on the one I have thistle seed which the squirrels don’t care about, and as such I have not squirrel-proofed it. They climb up onto the top of it and have now figured out how to launch themselves onto the top of the other pole which has the the more delicious food items, nuts and seeds but squirrel-proofed with a barrier on the pole so they cannot climb it.

It was funny at first since they’d blast from one pole over to the other, fail to gain purchase and smack onto the ground. Eventually though he got the hang of it, stuck his landing on the other feeder and proceeded to gnaw his way into the feeder. So I moved it 5 feet away. He sits on the thistle seed pole and appears to wave at the nuts and seeds hanging alluringly on the other pole 8 feet away…I’m sure he’ll figure something out.

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