The squirrels can’t get at ’em

Is why I have potatoes. Well, that and a certain know-it-all told me to grow them and I did. They are surprisingly easy and considering the amount of fuss I don’t spend on them they are pretty productive. All of the dire warnings about disease and insect attacks have proven false (not that I don’t worry about those things anyway) but my biggest nemesis is not a concern here. While they seem to spend a good deal of their time and energy digging holes all over the damn place they are apparently uninterested in the underground goings on in the wide world of potatoes.

So mashed potatoes and gravy here I come. I may even break out that envelope of McCormick’s turkey gravy.

7 Replies to “The squirrels can’t get at ’em”

  1. I can’t wait to eat the potato chips!
    And this relates to your Irish heritage, of course.

    However, I’ll start to be concerned if you begin to establish a peat bog where the fruit trees used to grow.

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