The real reason I came to Paris

There. Is. Just. Nothing that compares to this. Keep your croissants.

We bought the baguette and butter at the farmer’s market near our apartment. The butter was sliced off of a huge slab brought to the market from what I imagine is an adorable stone cottage somewhere just outside Paris where women wear those stiff tall white lace hats, lace-trimmed aprons over tight black dresses with white buttons, and those clunky wooden shoes.

OK, they may not be all that comfortable but it makes the butter taste better.

8 Replies to “The real reason I came to Paris”

  1. That looks soooo good. But what about the other kind of baguette…traditional (or something like that)…the ends aren’t pointy, kind of twisted to a blunt end and a little lighter in color, about .25 E more?? Those were my faves. I need to go there stat.

    1. I’ve had those too and ficelle. This is just what I took a picture of. Although I do think this is traditional too. But as I am finding out more and more, I know less and less about France and French.

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