The problem with subscriptions

In this case it is Bon Appetit. I am pretty sure this is what happened with Food and Wine, as well, and any number of other magazine subscriptions. 

I get these notices…the second and third came in the same mail. Good thinking. I know they are bullshit because my subscription expires in March of 2018 so I just ignore them. And then when they are real and I’ve long ago stopped looking at them, I suddenly no longer get the magazine. And when that happens it is too late. If you resubscribe they send you the 3 past issues that you already have as a part of the the 12 month subscription. I did this once. And I got the 3 old issues and I called, back when you could still call, and argued but the person said it was policy. I told them to cancel the rest of my subscription then. They extended it 3 months. Whoever thinks these systems up isn’t using a re-subscription service like this. It’s a mess.

And, in the meantime, I no longer get Food and Wine. But I am looking forward to my 48th and 9th notices for my Bon Appetit expiration.

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