The problem with Costco

Well, nectarine pies are not exactly the problem and maybe having so many of them, requiring me to make so many pies is a good thing. Practice makes perfect and no one is going to complain about getting pie. (And it is good pie)

But I really cannot buy food at Costco. It will be too much for me. No matter how many limes I think I might use, I’m never going to use the bag of them I bought 2 weeks ago. I can see that now. At the time I thought, Oh, I can use these in pies, drinks, curries, salsas. The whole bag was only $3.99. But now I have a crisper whole drawer full of them and they’re just sitting there. I have made my fair share of margaritas but it doesn’t seem to be making a dent in the bag.

I’m going to have to stick to buying my gas and appliances there. Oh, and wine.

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