The price of a flush

Cookies can solve pretty much anything I’ve found. Like if you’re pants are too loose…problem solved.

We have been playing poker in the office at lunch time for more than 10 years. And during that time we have developed a twist. If anyone gets a royal flush they get all of the chips on the table. To be honest this was never my idea nor did I think it was a good one but while it has been discussed over and over I was pretty sure it would never happen. The chances are 1 in 43,000.

Last week it did. You cannot begin to imagine the flood of anxiety that washed over me when I had the ten, jack, queen and king and was just one card away from the royal flush, and then the sheer elation when that ace of spades hit the table. I got, but did not want, all the chips on the table. But hey, them’s the rules.

But everything comes with a price. I was racked with guilt so…chocolate chip cookies. While I doubt they’d want me to get a royal flush again (I’m insufferable in winning), I’m thinking the cookies will help them get over it. They helped me anyway. And so what if my pants are fitting me better these days. And when I say better I mean on the snug side of just on the edge of too tight.

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