The olive harvest

I was really not sure what to do with them when I harvested them in late September. There were not a lot of them and they are small since I didn’t have a full season the way I might if I were to be living in say, Nice, but there are enough that I can cure them and put them on the table with some cheese and tooth-suckingly tell people I grew them myself. 

The internet has all sorts of different suggestions on how to make them edible, I’ve discovered. (They were hideous, tasted raw.) So there was a 2 week long soak in water, changed every day and now they are in for a 6 to 8 month brine in red wine vinegar with sage, rosemary and a bay leaf. 

I’ve also discovered a ripe (black) olive that I missed on the tree last year. A challenge for next year.

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