The grape harvest

The grapes are in. (back in the US for a moment before I left) I don’t know why the squirrels aren’t getting them. But I don’t care. They can have them. The point of the grapes is to cover the fence. I did want to be able to taste concord grapes because I love the flavor but I did not plan to make jelly with them. Although, now that I think about it, I had been feeding grape jelly to the oriole family. Hm. Next year.

I did not get a lot because the vines were being shaded by the now-gone peach tree. So they did not produce a lot of fruit, just these 2 bunches. My niece tasted one and said, “OMG, these taste like grape!”

Well, of course they do. They’re grapes. She meant like the grape flavor in soda and Kool-Aid (one of our treasured American foodstuffs). We don’t really eat Concord grapes because of the seeds, I guess. We also don’t make much wine out of them because (Mr Wikipedia here) the skin to pulp ratio is wrong. Or some such thing. But they are very high in anti-oxidants. I hear that word thrown around a lot but I really don’t know what it means. Theoretically, however, I am very much against oxidants

Thinking ahead to next year I am planning one of those harvests when you put your grapes into huge barrels and then you have your friends come and smush them with their bare feet. It’ll be fun!

Cut your toenails!!

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