The flag’s off the house

St Patrick’s Day is over and the flag is back in the closet, so, you know, sad face emoji. We had our Irish family dinner last night, Duffys, McCannas, Dillons, O’Gadicherlas. It was a day late since we’d had a long standing date with the DZs who have hosted a not-to-be-missed St Patrick’s Day party for decades minus a few COVID years. This was the first party since that mess, and really, I could not miss it inasmuch as LeeAnn makes the finest reuben sandwiches I’ve ever had. Oh sure there is also the social aspect of a party, but me, I go for the food, as if that’s any shock.

I made reuben sandwiches last night for my family meal, too. And to add more Irishness to the whole deal there were potatoes, and an Irish flag salad. None of these things are actually Irish. The sandwich was invented in Omaha by a Jewish deli owner. The potato thing is French, pommes Anna, via Julia Child, and the salad, it’s just the Irish Flag colors in veg with Italian dressing and it was invented in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by me, so maybe that makes it a little Irish-ish.

I think that while the sandwiches were pretty good, they were just no match for LeeAnn’s. Next year I will watch her more closely and try to discover her secrets.

The pommes Anna, though, were fabulicious.

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