The façade crumbles

I seem to be stepping out of the realm of cooking and food reality. Although it was really really good. It was also really really weird. I saw that on the face of the Royal Indian Mounted Police when I told him I had had cabbage and pasta for dinner. His face further fell when I said I’d made it in the Instapot. And cooked the noodles in the pot with the “sauce.”

My status as Gourmand (in the connoisseur-of-fine-food sense of the word, not the gluttonous-eater sense, that status remains in tact) took a serious tumble. Even if I used gourmet methods in making the….whatever it was. I made a pastata with onions and bacon as the base, I added peppers, onions, capers, balsamic vinegar, and the somewhat less gourmet-ish Frank’s Hot Sauce, and a half a head of red cabbage. It all went in to an Instapot.

30 minutes later I adjusted the seasoning, added the pasta and bang, 3 minutes later…delicious.

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