The emperor has no salt

Every tooth-sucking know-it-all who thinks they’re a chef on TV has an opinion about salt. Diamond Crystal kosher they all whisper as if it’s secret and the unwashed masses aren’t in on it. I have never seen it in the stores I shop in and have always wanted to discover what the hoopla is all about. The on-air gas-bagging chefs never say why, they all just all looooove it. So when The Spice House was closing their downtown store (I am deeply sad about this) they were selling stuff at discounts (Like instead of $7,622 it was $7,620) and they were selling off their salt stock. I bit. I can be as tooth-sucky as the next guy.

I’m not sure what their thinking is here. To me it isn’t salty enough. I am not even sure what I mean by this. When I used it Ashish told me I’d forgotten the salt.

Yes, I can just add more. But like twice as much. And then aren’t just back at regular kosher salt? How does one navigate a recipe?

I went back to Morton’s.

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