The Diet of Worms

I just had to give vermiculture (worm composting) another try. I realize that my last venture was a fiasco (for them anyway) but I keep throwing so much organic waste into the compost pile that I had to give it another shot. Plus I have the contraption already made and it’s just sitting there begging me for more. This time I ordered a half pound of worms from an organic worm place that raises worms for this very purpose instead of buying them at a bait store. And rather than have them outside I moved them into the garage on a wire rack that ants cannot get to . . . I hope, but I will be monitoring that. I found after a little research that they’ll be fine in the hot garage.

The worms I received were not at all like the ones I got at bait shops. While I had asked for red wigglers and the 2 clerks (at 2 different bait shops) were all Oh yes they’re right over here. I mean, of course they’re thinking What the fuck difference does it make to you buddy? The fish don’t care. the worms I got from the bait shops didn’t seem quite right and the 2 batches from 2 different shops were not the same. But then, what do I know.

So I put what seemed like 3 worms into the container with a bunch of crap I’d had frozen and left them to their own devices. They’re doing very well. Yes, they eat paper.

Too bad I don’t fish.

And if you do want to find out about the Diet of Worms check this out.

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